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Today: Feb 06, 2023
Silica Gel is a porous form of silica made from sodium silicate and a mineral acid. The internal structure of silica gel is made up of interconnected microscopic pores which attract and hold water by physical adsorption and capillary condensation, allowing it to adsorb up to 35% of its weight of water. These gels are non-corrosive, non-toxic nature and are approved by the US government for use in food and drug packaging.
Our silica gels meets varies specfication and are used in pharmaceuticals, medical equipments, food, electronics industries. Silica gel comes in non-indicating (clear) form and indicating types which changes color when saturated.
Indicating Silica Gel Types

Blue indicating silica gel is impregnated with cobalt chloride which changes from blue to pink as the desiccant becomes saturated. This visually warns users of the need for replacement. This product is suitable for use with electronics equipments with non-dusting packing.

Environmental gel is impregnated with a safe, cobalt chloride free organic indicator which displays an orange/yellow colour when active, and changes to green when the desiccant becomes saturated. This type is suitable for using with food or pharmaceutical products.

Product Types Available:

Silica Gel Silica Gel Blue White Environmental Silica Gel
Silica Gel All White Silica Gel Blue White Environment Gel



Available in 1/6, 1/3, ½, 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 16 or 80 unit or from 0.5gm to 2kg
Desiccant Material: Silica Gel pure or mixed with Indicating Silica Gel, Clay, Molecular Sieve or Activated Carbon.
Substrates:Tyvek® (0.25-620gm - FDA Approved), Heatlon non-woven (0.5-500gm), Paper (0.5-10gm), TP Fabric (1-1000gm, Clear Plastic (0.5-20gm) and Sewn Bags (8-80 units)
Packing: 12.5 liters tin (1/6-2 unit) or 115 liters drum (1-80 unit).


It is a specially formulated desiccant product made from Polymer Gelling Agent and Calcium Chloride. The Humi Dryer Plus (HDP) is designed to lower the dew point inside shipment / storage containers and protect cargo from moisture damage while goods are in transit.

Designed to fit in-between grooves of shipping containers, our Humi Dryer Plus has a guaranteed absorption rate of 355% of its weight (independent lab tested 100% RH 50C).
HDP protects container shipments against mildew, fungus, rust and condensation problems.

Product Types:
-Humi Dryer Plus 1kg or 1.5kg
-Custom single sachet packs of 250 or 300gm available for pallet shipments.
1kg- 15 strips per carton, 1.5 kg 10 strips per carton.
4-10 strips depending on commodity type, journey and container size. Talk to our sales person for your needs.
Humi Dryer Bag remove moisture from the air with Non-Toxic natural clay desiccant mixed with hint of Calcium Chloride which suits sensitive and delicate cargo. This desiccant clay will absorb up to 80% of its own weight keeping your cargo safe for duration more than 35 days.
Product Types available:
-Humi Dryer Bag (HDB) 500gm and 2kg.
-Humi Dryer (HD) 1 and 1.5kg (hanging strip with non dusting Tyvek packing material)
-Custom single sachet packing availble for sizes 150gm to 300gm.
-HDB 500gm- 30 bags per carton, 2 kg- 8 bags per carton.
-HD-1kg- 15 strips per carton, 1.5 kg 10 strips per carton.

8-16 bags depending on commodity type, journey and container size.
Clay Desiccant