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C. Air carriage :

If the company acts as a principal in respect of a carriage of goods by air, the company' s liability shall be determined by the provisions contained in the Law on Civil Aviatiori of Vietnam.


33. Except insofar as otherwise provided by TSTC, the company shall not be liab1e for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from :

  1. The act or omission of the customer or owner or any person acting on their behalf.
  2. Compliance with the instructions given to the company by the customer, owner or any other person entitled to give them.
  3. Insufficiency of the packing or labeling of the goods except where such service has been provided of the company.
  4. Handling, loading, stowage or unloading of the goods by the customer or owner or any other person acting on their behalf.
  5. Inherent vice of goods
  6. Riots, civil commotions, strikes, lockouts, stoppage or restraint of labor from whatsoever cause, or
  7. Any cause with the company could not avoid and the consequences whereof if could not prevent by the exercise of reasonable diligence.

34. Notwithstanding other provisions provided in TSTC, the company shall not be liable for loss and damage howsoever caused to the property other than the goods themselves, indirect or consequentia11oss or damage, loss of profit, delay or deviation.

35. Except insofar as otherwise provided by TSTC. the liability of the company, in any event for any neglect or default or any other matter or thing whatsoever or howsoever arising, and notwithstanding that

a. In respect of a11 claims other than those subject to the provisions of sub clause (b) below, whenever is the least of

(i) the value of, or

(ii) US dollar per gross kilogram of, or

(iii) not exceeding US dollar...  in any event whatever in respect of any one claim

The goods lost, damaged, misdirected, misdirected or in respect of which a claim arises

b. In respect of claims for delay where not excluded by the provisions of TSTC, the amount of the