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Today: Mar 28, 2023

Packing List Envelope is a pouch widely used during shipments to prevent documents from getting wet and damage. It is placed on the outside of packages and precautionary and informational labels to caution package-handlers and other parties about the properties of the packages. It comes together with a self-adhesive liner at the back that perfectly sticks on all surfaces to prevent the loss of documents during shipments.

Product Types Available:


Size Packings Per Carton
5.5"(O) X 10" 140mm (O) X 260mm (Plain) 1000pcs
7" (O) X 5.5" 180mm(O) X 140mm 1000pcs
7" (O) X 10.5" 185mm(O) X 270mm 1000pcs
9.5" (O) X 13" 240mm (O) X 334mm 500pcs
10" (O) X 5.5" 260mm (O) X 140mm 1000pcs

* (O) denotes opening.
All except (plain) have "Packing List" Printing.


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